JUDE offers many styles of mil-spec nylon webbing, Mil-T-5038 Grosgrain Nylon Webbing, MIL-W-17337 Mil-spec nylon webbing, and Mil-W-43668 and A-A-55301 nylon webbing, Mil-W-5625 tubular nylon webbing, Mil-W-4088 and Mil-W-27265 Nylon Webbing.

JUDE offers military webbing that has been used in aerial drop of military personnel, equipage, weapons & cargo containment.

A-A-55301 Nylon Webbing

A-A-55301 type 3 mil-spec nylon webbing is a highly durable, rugged thin nylon webbing that is long lasting.

JUDE production a-a-55301 mil-spec webbing are used by the Military and Law Enforcement throughout the world alongside a whole range of other users.

Mil-W-17337 Webbing

MIL-W-17337 Nylon Webbing is commonly used in the production for the military backpack.

Nylon Military Spec 17337 webbing available colors are: Coyote Brown, Coyote 498, Ranger Green.

Mil-W-4088 Webbing

MIL-W-4088 Nylon Webbing is commonly used for parachute harnesses, waist straps, carrying handles and drag handles.

Mil-W-27265 spec nylon webbing is a resin-treated version of Mil-W-4088.

Mil-T-5038 Binding Tape

Mil-PRF-5038 / Mil-T-5038 nylon binding tape is a military spec for lightweight nylon tapes used in binding and reinforcement applications.

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