Mil-W-5625 Tubular Nylon Webbing Features And Applications

MIL-W-5625 tubular webbing is strong and hollow in the middle, made without edge catch stitching. This construction technique offers exceptional abrasion resistance with excellent knotability. 

MIL-W-5625 Nylon Tubular Webbing by JUDE, made out of 100% nylon 6.6, 1 inch wide to withstand over 4000 lb (1820kg) breaking strength. Favored by climbers, rescue specialists, and outdoorsmen in the military, parachute, and tough outdoor applications, making a wide variety of straps, slings, anchor systems, tactical gears, parachute static lines(drogue chute shroud lines of a parachute deploying system), shot bags, heavy-duty tie-downs, lashing, and more.

Available in colors, MIL-W-5625 webbing is widely found in heavy-duty applications, including climbing, parachute, military, and outdoor tactical uses. The webbing also widely helps fulfill various works in daily life, reinforcing tarp corner/rucksack/duffel bag, dog tie out the leash, lashing straps, and more.

mil-w-5625-tubular-nylon-webbing Applications parachute static lines.jpg
mil-w-5625 tubular nylon webbing Applications parachute static lines