A-A-55301 Webbing

A-A-55301 Nylon Webbing is similar to MIL-W-17337, commonly used for straps, PALS webbing, and more. It is fairly thin and flexible (approx 0.039-0.053 inches), yet offers a great breaking strength being 1000 lbs at 1" wide. Like most nylon webbing, after cutting it is fairly easy to seal ends with heat like from a flame.

Used for apparel applications (ammunition pouches, blade sheaths) and for products such as luggage and backpacks.

Colors are available in Black, Camo Green, Foliage Green, RG Ranger Green, Olive Drab, Coyote and more.

And according to special needs, the tape can be waterproof, fire retardant, IRR(anti-near infrared) and other special treatment.

* IR Compliance - Available in all Military Colors
Type Class Color Width
Tensile strength
- Tan 499 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Ranger 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Olive Drab 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Marpat Coyote 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Foliage Green 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Camo Green 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
- Black 1" 0.05" 1000 DETAIL
* For any other Mil-Spec or Commercial Elastic not listed above, please contact us

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Camo print a-a-55301 webbing

In addition to regular military colors, we can print camouflage patterns of various countries on nylon webbing, IRR-anti-infrared coating (available).

Advantages of our printing equipment: automatic printing system, print gradient camo perfectly, double sides patterns matching, daily output 300,000+ meters.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with market-leading dyeing and printing technology, we have developed and produced dozens of camouflage patterns.

Camo print a-a-55301 webbing.jpg
Double Sided M81 Woodland Camouflage A-A55301 Webbing

Solution-Dyed Webbing And Piece-Dyed Webbing

Solution-Dyed Nylon Webbing is woven from color-permeated solution-dyed nylon yarns which are spun to include inherent shade and NIR properties.
Piece-Dyed Webbing is woven from natural colored nylon, and then dyed to provide shade and NIR properties.

Our strengths:
We have stable yarn suppliers and will buy the same quality yarn in our warehouse at one time to ensure the delivery time and same quality for big shipments.

We also have a mature technical dyeing team, which can guarantee dyeing multiple batches of the same quality and can quickly dye a brand new color that has not been done for a large shipment.

Ideal Partner For Mil-spec Webbing

JUDE Webbing is a global supplier of mil-spec webbing, including A-A-55301, Mil-W-17337, Mil-W-4088, Mil-W-5625 webbing and Mil-T-5038 tape. 
Our superior mil-spec webbing solutions are supplied to Israel, the United States of America, and Europe. Our goal is to be the preferred superior webbing solutions partner to our global customer base.

Customized webbing service: With a variety of manufacturing processes and capabilities, post-treatment of webbing, including:waterproof, flame retardant, IRR etc.
We also dye, cut, print, finish, coat, sew and assemble to deliver a webbing product specific to your requirements.Learn more
Contact us today and let one of our experts provide the right solution for your webbing requirements, no matter where you are in the world.

Mil-W-17337 Webbing.jpg
               Mil-W-17337 Webbing
Mil-W-4088 Webbing.jpg
                Mil-W-4088 Webbing
mil-w-5625 tubular webbing.jpg
                 Mil-W-5625 Webbing
Mil-T-5038 Type 3 Webbing.jpg
                 Mil-T-5038 Webbing

Quality Assurance

We have been providing services to the military.

producing military webbing that meets strict international and local standards.

Rigorous testing in our in-house laboratory to ensure the quality of large shipments.
4088 webbing Breaking Strength Test.jpg
                      Tensile Testing Machine

Why choose us?



We have 20 years of mil-spec webbing manufacturing experience,can give sloution with customers question timely.

Quality control

We have QC team to inspect from raw materials to finished products, every production step is under quality control.

Free samples

We can provide free samples of our existing products, usually delivery to you by air express, which cost need afford by customers.

Complete certificate

Our all products comply with international certification standards such as RoHs, Reach, and CA65.

Custom service

We can custom with your own designs,besides material,size,thickness,colors,logo etc…also have advanced printing meachines.

Low moq

We support customers custom own brand  with low quantity,our team will give our best pirce for certainly items.

Our Factory

With a daily production capacity of up to 100,000 meters, we supply millions of meters of webbing each year to parachute equipment manufacturers around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Weaving workshop.jpg
                      200+ Weaving Machine
Dyeing workshop.jpg
                      10+ Dyeing Machine
Printing workshop.jpg
                      10+ Printing Machine

Factory production qualification

Factory qualification.jpg

If you have any webbing needs, please contact our professional sales team, 24 hours online

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