what is mil spec webbing

 Military spec webbing is recognized as the most durable material in the world and is mainly oriented to the troops for various types of military belts, gun belts, shoulder straps, parachutes and other munitions. Materials include nylon, polyester high tenacity, nylon 66, Kevlar, etc. Weaving can be thickened and encrypted, and can be treated with waterproof, flame retardant and IRR-anti-infrared coating (available).

Colors are available in Black, Camo Green, Foliage Green, RG Ranger Green, Olive Drab, Coyote and more.

Our mi spec webbing is abrasion resistant, super high tensile, and cut resistant. They are widely used in military parachute applications because they maintain excellent characteristics in extreme environments.

We can customize colors, specifications and finishing to ensure the diversity of our webbing. Also available Solution-Dyed Webbing And Piece-Dyed Webbing.

Our superior mil-spec webbing solutions are supplied to Israel, the United States of America, and Europe. Our goal is to be the preferred superior webbing solutions partner to our global customer base.


               Mil-W-17337 Webbing
Mil-W-4088 Webbing.jpg
                Mil-W-4088 Webbing
A-A-55301 Webbing.jpg
                 A-A-55301 Webbing
Mil-T-5038 Type 3 Webbing.jpg
                 Mil-T-5038 Webbing